Florence Pugh is on vacation with Will Poulter & some friends but not Zach Braff


I completely missed this for hours. I was like “why is Will Poulter trending?” I thought Poulter was trending because of his hot body, which was on display in new photos from his Ibiza vacation. But the real story is who was with Will Poulter in Ibiza. Florence Pugh was there! And her boyfriend Zach Braff was not there. From the looks of it, Poulter and Pugh were part of a group of friends enjoying a younger-person vacation. It wasn’t like Poulter and Pugh were seen looking loved up, but they definitely seemed to be together, doing things and swimming and hanging out a lot. Hm!!

Florence and Will met in 2019 when they worked together on Midsommar. They’ve apparently been friendly ever since. Plus, close in age – he’s 29 years old, she’s 26. Zach Braff is 47. It would make a lot of sense to me that Florence and Will had the same larger British-actor/artist friend group. But yeah, it definitely has a vibe that maybe Florence and Zach are on the rocks.

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Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Instagram.

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