Fivehead, n : The bit of your head thats normally called the forehead, but when …

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You hear a voice say from behind you. Re a fine musician, but I think you need to expand your horizons a little bit. In fact, I think you need to try a different genre. Yes its a secret, but its something a little more risque. Re going to have to try out a new genre. Re all getting a little bored here. S comment got you a little concerned, because you were just thinking about trying out a genre that would match your personality, specifically sex music. D probably sound a lot like your old rock song. So why the hell am I getting a new musical number. Because when you sing, you look like a sexier version of a rock singer, not to mention you also sound like one. S talking about so you start asking more questions. S been a long time since I last listened to this one.

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celebrities with big foreheads