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You ask, finally making an attempt to not be completely clueless about the situation. Im 100 sure, Fisher says quickly, but we could really use a favor right now. You continue talkingI have to go to my brothers birthday party, you announce, not bothering to look at Fisher. As you start your walk away, Fisher looks down and grabs your bicep, squeezing until your arm goes numb. When you pull away, shes looking up at you, a smile on her face. She wraps her arm around you and gives you a big hug, which you return. You walk a little faster than you were going to, and continue your walk to the party. Everyone else is in the friend zone, though of course some of them are a little more open with it than others. Some of the guys and a few of the girls are a little too drunk to even know that theyre in the friend zone, much less care. Still, most people dont really pay it any mind. Everyone else at the party is drinking whatevers available, which is almost always mixed with a lot of booze. Most people are quite friendly and chatting away, though most of them are probably on some form of birth control. You are in the middle of talking to someone in a group conversation when a group of three very drunk people walk in. They look like theyre from the Midwest, and they look even worse for wear. The guy looks like hes been crying for a couple hours, the girl with him has two cracked teeth, and the girl sitting next to her has her hair cut in a messy ponytail. One of the guys asks the girl sitting next to him, which causes a gasp of horror from the girl. Hey asshole, get the fuck out of here. One of the guys say, then shoves the girl away from him and turns to walk away. Before he does, he turns his attention back to you. You try to not stare at them and to ignore them, but theyre clearly the most disgusting people youve.

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sexy celebrities with hideous spouses