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An exclusive compilation of the most beautiful women in the world for 2018. Featuring some of the most popular and beautiful women in the world today, as well as some up-and-coming stars of the future. Featuring models, celebrities, and other beautiful women of all kinds from all over the globe. It isnt a best of compilation – its some of the most beautiful women in the world today so dont expect any Madonna. And it isnt a list of the most beautiful women of the year – look away now if you havent already heard the saying Im going to hell because Im fatIm a bit of a tease. So why dont I just show off my body instead of hiding it away. When Im not in front of the camera, I enjoy going on shopping sprees, going out for dinner with friends. And I know sometimes my body is a little out of control. I dont think anyone on this list has been to a gym or really exercised much, so I would say Im a bit sedentary. But then when Im with my friends, Ill do laps around the pool or go shopping with them. My friends are the only ones who know about this and they really like it so I dont think there will be any problems. Whats worse is the other night I was watching TV with them and I guess I was a little off my game and we were talking about some guy and all of a sudden one of them said that my boobs looked a little bigger than usual. I mean Im a size 32DDDDDD and my boobs were probably like an ADD and maybe even B. They probably were a C or D or even BBB or even BB. Im just not sure and I feel like I should know the truth or at least be given some credit. Im sure you can understand that Im a little put off by this, but Ive been thinking about the other night when you said you liked the body of a model, as well as a bit of an obsession with girls in magazines. You said you were into the curvier women. And Im thinking that when you say you love the curvier girls like Kate Moss and Cindy Crawford and so on that you could be describing some of the girls at my size, or some of the girls on my list. Ive never heard of any of these women before, but maybe you can point me to a site where I can find out more about them. Like, you said, you were trying to learn more about women, but I would think these girls would be good places.

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