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You Need To Wear The Same Color For The Same Look. Kylie Jenner was the very first to wear the brand new fuchsia and plum colored What couture gown at the red carpet premiere of her new movie, The Shack. Despite being a Hollywood star and a model with huge influence and influence, Kylie Jenner only goes out with her boyfriend, the rapper Tyga, and usually leaves all of this type of stuff up to her stylist and photographer Joe Manganiello, not to mention, this new fashion trend. You can only imagine her reaction when she looked at the fashion pictures of her and a look of realization came upon her face. When she was younger, Kylie would go clubbing with her friends and she used to wear a bright red-colored crop top and miniskirt and would get her picture taken doing it. And then she saw these pictures and said, Oh, I used to wear that too. That was a long time ago, but those were the days. And now Kylie is trying to figure out how to go bigger and the new look that she is trying to go for in the fashion world is a big hit with her. I mean, we cant all be wearing what Madonna wears to the Grammys. You say, I think my favorite part of the look is that its so low cut. Well, I think its sort of a high cut in its own way, Manganiello says. I mean its got a bit of a retro style to it, Manganiello says. I think the only criticism I have is they could have had it longer in the sleeves and maybe a bit of a cut out around the neck of the bodice. Kylie laughs and tells Manganiello shes right. And thats when you start to really feel like a part of this new wave in fashion. You know what they should have wore with this look. She then tells you there might be a line out the door, so she and Manganiello head to the door to get a good spot so they can have a good spot to stand.

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