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You are also in the middle of a war and fighting to survive. Your mind is numb, and your body isnt responding. Even if you could find a way to make yourself alive again, this place isnt for you. You can only imagine your potential in another system. You stay hereThe only thing you can think of is survival, and your own survival. After the destruction of your family and your former home, all you can hope for is to stay alive. You leave the house and drive away from it, heading South. After a while of driving, you start to become a little scared and desperate. Your eyes start to grow wide in fear. You see a group of small children playing in the road. You dont know what they are, but theyre too small to be your kids, and too young to be wild. They must be the little kids from your dream. You take the opportunity to do something a little different to the world around you. Its a small step, but its something a little bit different. You go to your roomYou get up and head to your bedroom. You look around and check your surroundings. You see your computer, which you havent used in so long and is now in a state of disrepair. You sit down on your computer chair and try your best to remember what type of programs you were running. Eventually, you start to lose track of time a little bit. You begin to lose track of where you are, or even what time it is. You become very drowsy and fall asleep. You are awoken by a loud noise, thats very familiar to you. It seems you have slept for too long and missed the alarm. You go back to sleepYou dont feel like going to the bathroom, so you go back to sleep. You dont feel like cooking dinner today either so you go to sleep again. You dont feel like watching TV either, so you go back to sleep for good. You dont feel like going on a bike ride, so you sleep. You Wake upThe alarm still hasnt gone off. There are no alarms going off in the past that havent gone off. You decide to look for the power button, but then remember that the power has recently been cut off. Theres no way it has fallen off in the middle of the night. The alarm hasnt gone off this time, since youve been.

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leo rising celebrities