Filmmaking descend upon Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival…

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You and the rest of your team prepare to defend the mall, but you decide to go back outside and give the cops the finger. The cops, who all have their weapons drawn, are surprised by the outburst so they let you and your assholery squad go. The event is a big success and you make a lot of money. T seem to think much of you though. D actually show up at a small independent movie theater and then leave empty handed. He then goes on to say that the event was a failure. A third one says that it was an amazing successSomeone else says that you were a bit of a dick. S very hard to keep track of the ones who write about you. T get all the good stuff, the movie sucked. S like saying that all the people who watched the whole movie were assholes. M gonna go get some lunch. You decide to file a lawsuit against Sundance. Sundance Film Festival was the company that you worked for and they are the ones who hired you.

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celebrities at sundance 2017