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There are no Pinay celebrities who are consider fashionistas. This Pinay list is so full of contradictions that Pinay fashion aficionados have long since lost interest in using it to decide which Pinay celebrities to vote for. What makes this list more bizarre is that the list is completely devoid of any sort of Pinay celebrities that are famous and deserving. Instead you find only a list of celebrities with a name that can be easily translated to female or Latin because of their physical characteristics, or ones who are likely to be considered beautiful. When you see the list of celebrities who dress up and present or dress down then you can appreciate the absurdity of this entire list. Which brings us to why the Pinay list is irrelevant. Pinoy fashion is clothing made by and for Pinoy celebrities. Of course, one of the most stereotypical aspects of Pinoy fashion is the wearing of pants. Even in your standard fashion show in the Philippines people wear pants because of a common misconception that they are pinoy-like and because it is the majority population clothing. However, in general, pinoy fashion in general is NOT a fashion that you or I might wear. Pinoy fashion can be categorized as low fashion. The term low dress code applies to the clothing and fashion of Pinoy celebrities or celebrities from the general Philippine population. The clothing that Pinoy celebrities wear is low and unprofessional, even if it is designed by Pinoy designers and products manufactured by Pinoy businesspeople. The clothes worn by these celebrities may contain high fashion designs that people like to wear, but its the clothes that celebrities DONT wear that make them into low celebrities because there is no need for them to be low in the first place. Pinoy fashion does not belong to Pinoy people and it does not belong to Pinoy celebrities. This is why the Pin a Paw Pinay list is so hilariotious yet also irrelevant and even embarrassing. This is a list of fashionistas that have little to no real talent for fashion styling. It is an attempt to glorify a fashion culture that is entirely irrelevant to the Philippine people. When you look at the list of Pinay fashionistas you are not looking at any of the actual celebrities, you are looking at people that you will never meet and never meet again. You are simply taking this list to prove that you are a fashionista with some sort of misplaced sense of self-worth. What you are actually doing is looking at yourself in the mirror and realizing that you are.

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