Few actors in the world have had a career quite as diverse as Leonardo …

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This, of course, is where any talk about how to expand the role of women in Hollywood starts and stops. How to make it so more women arent just there as eye candy or the token female character, but actually play roles that are worth paying attention to and learning something about. How to make it so that there is more of a chance of a female protagonist in a film, as opposed to a token female character. How to make it so actresses have the freedom to do things they never thought would be possible, like not just have an important role, but play one that is important, that gets you excited about a movie and a movie franchise, that might lead to something good. How to make sure that we are not just paying female characters lip service with their appearances, but actually get to see the work. How to make sure more women will get their chance to be the most important of all characters, and thats in the big screen. The CZ is not intended to replace a rifle in your pocket and, instead, serves both as a reliable and highly portable laser pointer. It uses a low energy, red laser that will not damage your eyes. The CZ will be a compact, easy to use laser rifle. It is made in the USA and will be available for pre-order in late May 2012. If you have never used a laser gun, its hard to understand how it works. But this video will teach you what you need to know. It has an extremely small, extremely reliable light source that will not burn your eyes or damage your optic. A microchip is embedded that detects your head position to know which direction you want to look in order to track the on-screen targets. We will use the CZ as both a rifle and as a laser rifle. It can be folded up, stowed neatly, or carried with other CZs in your pocket. Why do we need your money. There is so much work that needs to be done to get the CZ ready to ship. The CZ has been in development for the past 2 years and we are already close to completion.

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