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The caption to this image said:So many amazing things, it seems like just yesterday I used to watch movies in my underwear. Life isnt just about having a lot of money. If I ever get a chance to return to the land I once knew so well, Ill do everything I can to bring it back. Im sure my family will be proud that I tried to make up for lost time. Image of a family in their house with a young boy and a few of their other children playing inside. And if you ever need to remind yourself of something again, this is going to do the trick. Your life is too fucking busy right now. You think about how you could have been able to accomplish so much more, but then thats why you have to live it now. Your friend could have easily died and youd have laughed about it. The Changing WorldI like the way you look with your hair down. I just dont know how I got it, you say with a sigh and shake your head. You just started grooming me like this. You look to Amanda to see her looking at you strangely, even laughing, as she stands in the middle of the room. She begins to walk out of the room toward you with that same laugh on her face that she has always had. Well Amanda has some good ideas, you say and continue to stare at Amanda with the same look. You always did have a gift for the people who were willing to look past the fact that you were a freak like me, you say and take a step after Amanda. You look at the clock and see that it is still early morning. Youve been to this salon a few times before and each time you have experienced this same feeling. The most recent occurrence, though, is different and you find yourself with a slight.

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female celebrities with short hair