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For those of you who dont know, Celebrities and Celebs are people with massive social media followers and huge followings that make their social media presence an attention getter. They are famous for a reason, and usually being the girls who have gone through the most, they usually have the hottest social media presence. A few weeks ago, a friend of mine was going through her daughters bedroom, and she realized some toy soldiers or something she had no idea what they were. She had bought some and had given the girl her blessing to play with them and so she thought nothing of keeping them in her daughters room. Well, I think this is one of the creepiest things she ever did. Famous for its high-tech products and international brands, the European city of Amsterdam is also one of the least tolerant cities in the world. A new study shows that Amsterdam is one out of ten in the world with an attitude that is hostile towards migrants and refugees, with many of the locals and some of the politicians suggesting that they should all be sent back to their home countries. Just last month, there was a violent demonstration against a Dutch newspaper that published an article on refugees and migrants. Protesters threw tomatoes and firecrackers at the newspaper trucks after calling for refugees not to be allowed into the country. But this isnt the first time that Amsterdam has made it into the news for its attitudes to outsiders in general. The city has made international headlines in recent years for its tolerance for a range of religions and cultures. But even this has been at risk from those who dont believe in co-existence. In July 2015, a neo-Nazi group called No Borders demonstrated at the citys Central Station declaring: There is No place here for muslims, sikhs, asian-americans or anyone else who doesnt believe in white, Christian values. Two months later a Muslim group in the city called the Al-Ibrahimi mosque in the Vondelpark started holding a ceremony to beheads a chicken, saying it would symbolise the citys openness to the community. In response, a group of Dutch Muslims held a public healing ceremony in which they said: We are not here to punish the Christians, we are here to protect them and to encourage them to come back to Holland and practice their faith freely, without fear. And last year a group of Moroccans also made headlines by holding a Jihad Day demonstration in which they declared: We are going to Allah, we are not stopping to hold our signs, we are not stopping to make noise. After the demonstration, around 300 police officers were sent to.

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