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A, Youre too damn attached to Kate and you cannot look at her anymoreYou cannot look at Kate anymore, how can you even look at any girl anymore. You are too attached to Kate and you think you should look at Kate and not her anymore or at least not in her state. Ve got a burning sensation in your throat and all over your body. D like to continue to pretend something else is happening, you have to face the fact that Kate is dead, you have to be honest with yourself. S all your fault you know. You go back to trying to ignore the pains in your body as you get up and start getting dressed. S still in it, after all you might be able to convince her to leave the house if you see it. You have to know who did this, but are you strong enough to do it. T say you are, You think back to the parties you had with Kate. T help but think maybe maybe she just wanted you to give into her and if.

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