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Your thoughts are still about the dead girl after all, and the fact that you were almost in her position once before. You walk a bit further away from the body and watch as a couple of cops take a few witnesses. Re guessing that she was the one who got the call about her sister and immediately volunteered to go back and help her. You say to yourself as you sit down by the body. Re about to turn off the game you hear a strange noise. T exactly secure like they think they are. You shriek and throw your console at the ground to get the thing that got in. Fortunately its spider spider and even manages to grab the console to help itself rather than simply trying to crawl underneath. Re going to have to do something more effective than throwing things at it now though. Re about to reach for it when you hear one of the cops say something to another cop. You turn the TV back on and hear the screeching of a spider. You say before turning your attention back to the game. T have anything worth looking at, until you hear the door being opened and someone running over to it. This time you look over your shoulder and see the girl who was with her boyfriend. S carrying a similar looking spider in her other hand.

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fat male celebrities tumblr