Fan Arrested For Throwing Cup Near Luka Doncic During Nets Vs. Mavericks Game

A fan attending the Nets vs. Mavericks game on Thursday night ended up spending most of his evening in custody … because he was arrested for throwing a cup of ice that nearly Luka Doncic on the court.

According to the NYPD, 24-year-old Justin Boatswain hurled the object during the middle of overtime at Barclays Center in Brooklyn … as Kevin Durant was trying to sink some free throws.

Video from the game’s broadcast shows the cup landed about six feet from the Mavericks’ best player — startling Doncic as ice splattered everywhere.

The game was halted for several minutes as officials cleaned up the mess.

Boatswain was immediately ID’ed as the cup-thrower, according to cops, and was escorted from his seat. Authorities say he was ultimately arrested and charged with a misdemeanor for interfering with a sporting event.

Doncic had some other interesting moments with fans in Brooklyn earlier in the night, too … he was spotted jawing with some courtside attendees throughout the contest.

At one point, he appeared to tell one of them, “Shut up, p***y.”

The game, though, went on to conclude without further issue … the Mavs won 129-125, and Doncic logged a triple-double with 40 points.

He said afterward the cup-throwing never bothered him, telling reporters, “I have experienced that in Europe. That’s nothing.”

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