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As praise goes to your character with the curse, I am proud to know you. You are a true praised one of the gods Gjallarhorn. You goodbyeYour words and gesture seem to cause a small wave of joy to reach Gjallarhorns chief engineer. You feel a strange emotion, a longing that has made its way into your heart for years. A longing that you have not felt for many years, you will not give it to Gjallarhorn. You go straight to your seat at the arena. You have to look after your small family, who depend on you so much. But you still have that love for the Gods that you had for Gjallarhorn. Years pass and your small family grows, as it always has. One day you will be a father yourself, when the time comes. Years pass and the Gods fight each other again. You are no longer young and invincible – and you will not be anymore. You have seen and done everything there is to do in this war. It has been many long years now, and your small family have grown weak and weak with you. It has been your dream all along, and this is the first time you have ever told anyone about it. You have been so kind to me, you have. You are about to shout it over and over in the empty stadium. But then, the very thought of it makes your head feel heavy. You turn to leave this cold, dark world. The last sentence is spoken gently in your sleep. Your eyes snap open, and a tear runs down your cheek. You wipe it away quickly, and you are startled from your thoughts by the sight of the crowd. You recognize some of them, others you do not. Others you see but do not recognize. Many look up, to the heavens, as if expecting some sign of the Gods return.

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