Famous people with acromegaly include: Richard Kiel, actor, Jaws from two James …

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When cancer grows, the cancer cells multiply very fast and they are very aggressive. Acromegaly on the other hand, when its growing and attacking the body, usually very slowly, then it takes a little longer to grow and attack. If its not stopped, it will eventually take over your whole body and destroy it. Cancer cells have an upper limit to how many times they can divide, and if thats reached, they will begin to die off to make way for the next generation. When that happens with cancer, that cell dies and the next generation only grows by a little. Acromegaly on the other hand, if that cell gets too big, it wont let the next generation grow in the cell and it will ultimately kill the body. Cancer cells can be destroyed with chemotherapy or radiation, so its much easier to stop an Acromegaly from getting too big. It will affect the whole body and you wont have any chance of beating this condition. Some of them may only give you very bad information as to what could happen to you if you dont do what they say. Some parts contain pictures, some contain things that cannot be taken seriously. You might be better off not reading all of these. You quit the web forumYou dont feel comfortable with these people. After searching the entire internet for ways to stop Acromegaly, you have come to the conclusion that the only thing you can do is get the hell out of this country. There are laws protecting people from having to take medical advice from what people write on a web forum. You decide to get out of the country as soon as possible. You leave CanadaYou want to leave Canada, you really do. You want to leave it so much that it hurts. At this point you really dont feel anything for the other Canadians that live here that you just spent time with. If anything, you dont have enough money ever for a house. You dont think about what youre going to do when youre not here.

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