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Re getting yourself into by listening to this podcast. Re really good at picking out the most obvious of things and calling them all out. S just so interesting how religion and society have a lot to do with how people think. So which one of you am I debating with. T know much about any of these matters, then why in the hell are you debating. Ve spent your time in my class, just like you were going to class.

Its not about yourselfyouyouryour It is about them-Them As Muslims we need to keep a common interest between us- We need to be aware of the facts We need to talk about the current situationThe Current SituationThe Current Situation:The world is facing several major threats, and the majority of you are standing by with no solutions. The most recent threat is the new breed of superhumans known as Outsiders. While it took decades, but the Outsiders have been successfully killing many heroes and creating a new generation of super-villains. Many heroes have fallen victim to Outsiders, leading to mass riots and protests. A few of you decided that you were going to take steps against this threat within the next few weeks. One of the first steps is creating a team that would be made up of superheroes. The most promising candidates would be those with special fighting skills, and the most suitable person would be chosen would be one of the muslim heroes. As for you, you have decided to start your own superhero team. You have decided to create a group of muslim heroes in order to spread the word of the faith and to help heroes in trouble. You must meet with them all in personIt is obvious that you have to meet those muslim heroes, and it is time to talk about your plans. However, you will need the help of their leaders, and to meet with all of them in person. You decide that it would be best to create a group of 5 of those heroes, and to meet with the muslim leaders in person. The muslim groups that you have chosen to meet with are the Jirgists, Jihadi, Jihadists, the Islamic Brigade and the Jihadists from Egypt, as well as your own, the Guardians of the Universe. As you have decided, your team will be the only one to meet with the leaders of each of those groups, however they will meet with all of them. You will need to meet with all of the muslim leaders in person, to ensure that when you are done spreading the faith, you will be able to run everything with a clean hand. You go meet with the muslim leadersYou arrive on the scene and head to the meeting point. You stand in the middle of the room, and all you do is stand and wait. At first you think its the muslim leader from Jirgist, but its an older man who doesn.

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famous muslims celebrities