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By MaddoxThe United States has shown an inability to defend itself from terrorism. Thats been the case since the 911 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. And while it doesnt appear as if these latest terrorist attacks on the homeland were planned in advance, they are likely still acts of terrorism. In the immediate aftermath of the bombing in New York on Monday, there was a lot of speculation that it could be the work of the Islamic State terrorist organization, also known as Islamic State in Iraq and Syria or ISIS or ISILHowever, in an interview with CBSs Face the Nation, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said the attack might have been a man named Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, aka Saipov who was identified by the New York Post as a 29-year old resident of Tampa, Florida. Maybe its one of these guys, he said of the New York bombing. It looks like another one of these refugees that weve got going on. Trump had previously criticized President Barack Obama for continuing to allow refugees into the U. Theres something going on, Trump told the Washington Post. Trump also brought up the issue of Syrian refugees and said he was in favor of a total ban on the immigration of all Islamic nations. He explained that those countries shouldnt be coming in. I mean, we have to be vigilant, he said during an appearance on the Mike Gallagher radio show. Trump continued to say he was in favor of keeping the United States safe. Look, we have the finest people on Earth, but were not safe. We have to be very careful, he told the radio show. During the attack, and law enforcement officials believe he acted alone. Has a long and shameful history of inviting jihadists into our country, often on the promise of better lives for them. It is simply unacceptable that we have allowed tens of thousands of refugees to pour into our country in the last few years, he said.

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