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You join the showYou join the show, and the series seems to thrive. You get to interact with other people with somewhat larger public profiles than you, and it starts to feel like a real job. Youre pretty good at it, as youre soon promoted to Acting Police Officer on the show and given a second job as Acting Police Officer for the local KCBS radio station at your old jobs station in Muncie. You also start to get requests to appear on other shows, mostly involving the police, and you get to appear on some of these, too. You get requests to appear on The Opie and Anthony Show, The Dan Patrick Show and WDFXs Your Coast to Coast. You are starting to get recognition as an actual local comedian. You go through a fairly unremarkable but somewhat successful television career until the night that your life changes in just the most dramatic way: you receive a call from your brother-in-law. Your brother in-law is your friends brother, and he died in a car accident yesterday. Your brother-in-law was driving at the time, so your brother-in-law was at fault. As youre about to give a statement in your brother-in-laws name that youre going to the accident scene to retrieve your car, you begin to think about how youve always wanted to go to that accident scene so badly, and you have. You cant believe you havent been there before. You havent even been to his sister Brendas accident scene, though you did go to her after Brenda died. You realize that if youre going to make any sort of statement in your brother-in-laws name, youre going to have to take you car to go to that accident scene. You take your car keys from your pocket and call Brenda. You tell the truthYou immediately decide that going to Brendas accident scene is not the thing to do. What you should do is lie, in your brother-in-laws name, in the police report and say that youre going to Brendas accident scene. You decide to go to Brendas sister Dianas accident scene instead. While youre on the way to the accident scene, you receive another call from your brother-in-law. He tells you that he wants to see you, since he wants to make a statement in his brother-in-laws name regarding why he was behind the wheel of the vehicle at the time of the accident. You go to your brother-in-laws station to speak to him face-to.

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celebrities from muncie indiana