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The most famous Irish person is one of the few to have achieved success outside of this land. GORDON MAC QUIGLEY, an Irishman by birth, is one of the most famous people in the world. An inventor and a businessman in his own right, he is a man of influence. As a young man, he was known as one of the best of the young men of his generation, and for good reasons. He was the first man ever to fly across the Atlantic Ocean, or at least, the part of it that was a sea, from Ireland by balloon. This was achieved during a period when the only way people in the United states could get the luxury of seeing the northern lights was by paying a few thousand dollars for a ticket. As a consequence of his success in this respect, he was later able to bring his invention to the world market, and he was able to use his own fortune to support the Irish Free State. In addition, he was also the first man to propose and accept an Irish Home Rule Bill. For the last decade of his life, his popularity increased, as was his fortune, until his untimely death in 1926. This listing is not a comprehensive one, so if any of the famous people can confirm any of these that would be fine by me. I know of only two people that could easily do so, but I welcome your suggestions. T get an idea of the magnitude of this project:-It will take thousands of hours to create all of this. -It will be a compilation, not a one off picture. -If you do not see your favourite person, you can add it yourself. T guarantee that everything will stay on a wiki like this. M also going to need suggestions, so feel free to add entries yourself. You dont have any, so youre going to do it. You exclaim in the most convincing way you can think of, to which Mr. But we need to make sure this is going to be enough for you to do your work right.

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