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You decide to vote Yes, you have enough information to vote yes. You then head on to register, and spend a few minutes checking if the information you provided is correct. You check the information and see that your name is indeed Francesca, you also see that youre registered to vote in France, in fact you see that you are registered to vote as Jacqueline, and indeed thats where you registered to vote before your visit to the Underworld. You make a mental note to double check your answers on other forms later, youre far too excited about the opportunity to not to do that right now. You find the voting booth and knock on the door, you are directed to an open space by an older man with a white beard. He motions you to sit at a table and tells you to take a seat. Hey Im Francesca, Im registered to vote in France, did you have a problem with that. You say, youre a little more nervous than youd like to be about this. The man says, If you get out your name, youll see the little blue circle that indicates your location is marked as Francesca. Francesca nods in a way that sort of suggests she found your answer about her being in France a bit hard to believe, so you mention it to her. I dont know why I didnt think of that, you are in France. Ill have to go over the application details now to confirm. Youre about to leave to go ask another question, but she grabs your hand again as she walks back to where she was talking to you before. Id like to ask you a question in private. Francesca goes to the table by herself and sits down in silence. You can sense shes feeling a little unsure, but as youd expect, youre not really sure what to say. Francesca goes on and on about whats happening over at Zal, then suddenly blurts out a question.

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