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But there,s a lot of actresses that just haveThis comment has been removed by a blog administrator or moderator. Congress has been busy on Capitol Hill, but it would be a mistake to assume that its attention has necessarily been solely focused on healthcare reform. One of the major issues affecting the nations economy these days is unemployment. As Americans struggle to find jobs, the unemployment rate is still hovering at around 8. 2 percent, which is still far from the recession-era lows of 10 percent. It would be interesting to see a Congressional Budget Office analysis of the impact of the Senate healthcare legislation that passed the Senate with a small number of votes in May. But what weve seen so far is alarming. The legislation would eliminate the federal mandate that requires any employer that employs at least 50 people to offer their employees minimum essential health insurance, even if that coverage costs more than 8 percent of the workers income. The mandate has helped fuel the surge of employment by giving employers an incentive to attract and retain the job-seeking workers by offering them health insurance. The legislation would also eliminate the individual mandate, which requires most Americans to purchase health insurance or pay a penalty. The Senate legislation replaces the so-called individual mandate by letting employers of 50 people or more opt out of the mandate by making a small contribution to a so-called health savings account, a tax-preferred account that has been used by employers to reduce the cost of health insurance for employees. However, the Senate legislation would still eliminate the individual mandate. Under the Senate legislation, the tax deduction for employer contributions to health savings accounts ends in 2024, when the legislation would also eliminate the individual mandate. President Trump and a host of other Republican lawmakers have criticized the Senates healthcare legislation for not going far enough to rein in the nations healthcare costs. But their objections have little to do with the reality that they have done everything they can to undermine the Affordable Care Act, which theyve called mean and a disaster. Rather than working to improve it, theyve made it worse. Instead, the concern of Republicans in Washington is with their own political future, which is why theyre pursuing policies that will only benefit the wealthy, rather than the average American. As for the uninsured, the Senate legislation would allow insurers to charge higher fees to people who dont have health insurance, including individuals who are not yet eligible for Medicaid or federal subsidies to buy their insurance on the marketplace. The Senate legislation also would allow states to seek waivers to the federal law that would allow insurers to charge.

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