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I want to tell you, though, most of them are going to be more than just fans, so dont get too excited. First of all, do not contact, give me at least an, hour, and you,ll see, there, is, nothats, exactly, what, I mean. After this conversation, youll be able to contact any celebritys phone number with just a couple of clicks. You use the phone numbers for freeYou take a deep breath, mentally preparing yourself. You quickly read through the celebrities phone numbers listed under Free and make a few notes about numbers found in the Free column. You find a celebrityYou select the phone number listed under Free, and a new window opens up. The number looks completely random, and you type in the name of the celebrity you want to contact. A window pops up stating that the phone number has been entered. As you wait for an answer, you scroll through the other numbers in the Free column. The phone number you typed in is the Free phone number and you press Enter.

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famous celebrities phone numbers