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You feel a bit dizzy and then suddenly pass out. In your unconsciousness, you keep hearing the word playboy in your mind and it gets you to think about all the people on the list. You get it off of you and start thinking about the list. There is a picture of a nude young man in the center of the screen. The caption reads:You remember vividly when you got that list at the time. You had the list and you were just sitting in your room going over all the people and how you wanted them all included on the list. You were thinking about all the things you wanted them all to have on their Playboy covers while you were dreaming. You see yourself, just standing here with a pile of magazines and all you have on the list is a Playmate of your choice. You look at the photo and realize that it is you in the photo. Vu and then suddenly you wake up. While you are getting all this information out of your head, you hear a voice that sounds a lot like the one in your head. You tell the voice to stopYou tell the voice to stop and there is a long pause before it does so. Sure, let me just put this on pause, but I hear you are the famous actor. You start to say before you realize what you just said. By the voice that is in my head that we need to meet for a specific reason, I guess. I used to play pool with you, although I dont remember which tournament. I used to be in the same high school as you so I remember you quite well. We were both on the cheerleading squad, or maybe that is not entirely correct, I know I mean I was on that same cheerleading squad that you were on. Aaaaand I am totally confused right now. Oh, dont worry about it, the point is, and I am not going to bore you with this, I really want to meet someone who is famous.

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