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Did you, know manyof them, the fact. Youve been inspired, made, you deserve a good name, not,the lieYou know the truth. The truth is youve been manipulated to do so with promises of fame and fortune and then never being seen or heard from anywhere. Most of the people who did you this favor or treated you this way have been the celebrities. You didnt ask to be a celebrity, but you didnt ask to be ignored either. You continueYou know these people are lying to you and youre sick of it, you dont deserve any of it. Youll be the one to tell the world what a rotten system it is. You click the link and open the page: Theres no button or anything to save this url or anything. You cant even delete these links from your browser. Youre going to have to start using other means to reach out to these people, but where do you start. You TwitterYou dont tweet, you dont send email, you dont do anything. You keep your phone in your pocket. You start checking Twitter every now and again to keep up to date about whats happening with your new career as a Celebrity. The more you check, the more the connections that you make to these celebrities, the closer and closer you get to the root of the issue. Eventually you see an opportunity and you make a new account; a more personal one at that, calling yourself TheDirtyOne. Youve given away almost nothing, but you can already see where this is going: Someone is going to find that the username you used and Twitter handle you used was the same as a different username and Twitter handle you used for a while. Theyll find that youre a regular Twitter user and have the exact same interests and views as the people you retweeted. Soon you see these accounts come under attack and be deleted. Youll be able to tell the difference right away because of the messages you cant get through. You check and see that many people are attacking the accounts and it looks like most of them are the same people youve been following whove been attacking all of them except the Dirty One. You cant allow yourself to be part of this charade. Youll take it back, but youll tell it your way; a truth that wont be sold back to you like a pair of shoes. You start looking at your followers and see a large number of people.

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famous celebrities 2017