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Rudy Ising is the only one I cant resist as long as he is in Little Boy, and Walt. And so, you have a few questions that will allow you to satisfy your thirst for knowledge. Name, age, height, weight, current job, any pets, if any and any other hobbies. Now, you are a scholar, so I trust you have answers to all of the questions. I am a scholar, and therefore a scholar of poetry, and I have a pet cat named Pooka, which is the first name of the cat in my favorite poem of Beowulf Well, actually, I have no pet, My weight is about 50 kg, 110 pounds I am 22 years old. My hobbies are reading, music, playing the flute and writing poetry. Well done, you have proven you are a scholar in the eyes of JArel, and you gain 2 XP. You arrive at JArel in the middle of a battle between a band of orcs and a group of halflings. A group of your soldiers have been completely decimated, although some of your soldiers have managed to escape or to make it over the mountains to the DKoro kingdom and are now rallying there. You feel that your soldiers were defeated easily, but you know that the most likely cause is because the soldiers minds were shattered by JArels strange powers. You report what you sawYou speak the next day, the day after the battle. You: The landscape turned strange shades of red and green. JArel: I cannot tell you what would happen to the persons feelings. You: Or would they become the feelings of the colours, like how a red felt when it collided with the green. It was like how the colours would change when they collided with each other. No, it could be said that the colours would interact with each other.

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