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S about time someone explained it properly to me. Ve never once been sexually harassed in this office. S how we roll out in the big leagues. S get to the main event, the contest where we choose who will be the next boss. Ll be given a small piece of land to start with, to build your little empire on. S the most ambitious candidate out of all of us. He looks at each of the other candidates who are staring back at him, Good. We can start building you the foundations of an empire, you see, like I always told you, the more you do for the Empire the more it will benefit. At this point, the other candidates turn their attention to you as well. The next few weeks are spent with a lot of small talk. All of your time is dedicated to trying to convince them to work for you, all with the hope that they may succeed you as the new boss of the Zalan Empire. S a rather interesting process to say the least. You are told a lot of little secret bits and pieces about how the different groups within the Empire work. Re also informed that the Zalan Empire has a rather old history, and the current ruler, Hekate, is an Eternal who is the second ruler of the mighty Zalan Empire. She has maintained the place of the ancient noble houses that once ruled the Empire with a strong hand, but has become quite corrupt in her own right. Naturally the Verant Kingdom has risen to the challenge and now dominates a large chunk of northern Verant.

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