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Some of these celebrities actually are genuine genius. But you keep telling them about how to be more productive and keep them in shape. And you tell them that maybe they should go outside and talk to people. But really, its okay, because theyre always telling you the best way to deal with the rude comments is to just ignore them. But one comment that has really got you in a funk is when someone says that you should just change your name. You think back to when you had to change your name. And you think about the day you had to change your last name, and everything that involved, and how you were so mad about it that you were able to use it for a moment. And while you can only imagine what kind of things would have to occur for you to have to change your name again, you are pretty sure that the thought will enter your mind for sure. It might give you some small sense of peace, but it isnt going to change what is, and what should be. You are going to live in the present as you already live it. The future is going to be okay, but you arent going to force it to be any more. You dont get out of the car, or maybe you dont get out of the car, and then you start to feel something different. A pain, a tingling, a burning, like you are in a burning room and something is burning you. You start to go into a sweat and you dont notice as you fall to the ground. You dont have any time to react and as you lie there, the pain is excruciating and then it stops.

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