Facebook users report a post that Hollywood celebrities have threatened to strike until President …

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Actresses are threatened with not-having their photoon the wall.

Posted by Zulu at 9:00 AM No comments: Comments, 0, Saturday 11:00 AM: I cant find any evidence that Trump had anything to do with the attack. The police do, which is enough for me, but in this case it could be a mistake. The only thing that could be a little shocking is if this is all actually true, but then that is a little too much for me right now. I want to know if my father is dead so I can feel better about it. If this is all fake, I am probably never going to know and I am never going to be able to have this conversation. The first thing I did when I woke up was check Twitter. Turns out I am not alone, there are people who dont believe that I am even awake, or that there is really a conspiracy going on. I will go out on a limb and say I think I know who started the rumor. There is always the possibility that my father is just very lazy, but from what I can see on the monitor he is also getting more and more agitated every minute. He has no visible wounds, but the way he is moving, his breathing and his face are just very different than how they were before. I want desperately to know if my father is dead. I mean I know he is not dead, but if he is, and my mother has sent me to this house to kill the person responsible for killing my father, then I would want to know for sure. I am sure that the people that killed my father probably tried to disguise themselves as police officers, and there is no way to be sure that I didnt misplace that flashlight or some other object. You dont believe your fathers death. After going through my fathers personal effects I did find that someone had taken a photo of my father, but the photo is a fake. I found out that my father did not die in a car accident as everyone says, and he had been arrested by the FBI because they knew he was the last person to have seen my father and my mother and had information that they wanted to reveal to my mother. Now we will never know what happened between my father and my mother. I have just come to the conclusion that everything that has come to pass in my life is real, and that my father was in fact responsible for everything that happened.

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celebrities call for strike