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When the conversation is over, you ask the bartender what his name is. He gives you a weird look and you have to explain this to him before you can get your drink, and after that, he knows your name. When you leave the bar, you hear someone calling for you from behind. You go out and try to find LuisYou are a little disappointed that Luis hasnt returned yet, so you decide to get out of here. When you try to leave the bar, you bump into a familiar stranger and its a little weird. Oh hey, sorry about bumping into you, he says. You explain your actions and the stranger looks you up and down for a bit before he looks up. Hmm, you and your friend seem familiar, you might be Luis Hernandez, from the new TV show The Disappeared. Uh, not really, just a name that came to mind. Yep, and its been doing alright on Twitter, I think it should be coming back soon, here, I gave you my card. He hands you a card that says Nerd to the Stars at the top and on the bottom, it says I need you in the new TV Show, the Disappeared. You are about to ask for it back, but then you remember the bar wasnt very friendly with you a few hours ago and you dont want to cause an argument again. You just quickly hand the card back and the mysterious man smiles and heads off. You go back to the barI dont know why he gave it to me anyway, but thanks man, you say. The bartender has a different look on his face, like he is disappointed that you got it back. He seemed like he had a crush on you. You roll your eyes, it would have been nice to not get it back, but at least get a drink. Do you guys have any more live music. At least some hip hop, or maybe some metal. We do, and I will let you in on a little secret, those sorts of genres are all the rage right now. I just cant let you in here and be like No Black Metal, No Grindcore, No Death Metal or anything that might offend or gross you out. Im not a fucking bouncer and I dont have that much fucking authority and I wouldnt lie.

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