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You find a spot, and start putting your clothes back on. A few awkward conversations later about the real you, you are ready to head out. My place; its a little further down the block. You nod, walk a little further and reach the end of the block. You dont see a single nude model in the room. You walk to the sofa and sit down, pulling the blanket over you and closing your eyes. You enter into the VoidThe void; the void its not what most think. Its not simply a place between worlds, its not just a void in your mind or something you created. Its a place, or a dimension of your mind or some kind of reality that exists in some form or another. You were here once, maybe you will be again. You just need to find your way. Youll probably need some help to get back to that place, so you need to figure out how to access this place. You take a deep breath, mentally preparing yourself for a journey that would take you into the furthest reaches of your mind, and you prepare yourself physically for the flight to this place. You feel yourself slowly start to slip between parallel realities. Its incredibly disorienting at first, but eventually it becomes more natural. You walk further into the DarknessYou walk a lot further and your senses are slowly increasing. It was slow going at first, but now you can find objects that your senses werent able to before. You find yourself moving forward, and now you find yourself floating in the clouds. You see stars and galaxies far away and even far within your own mind. You even get a feeling of weightlessness, and feel a little dizzy for a moment, but you quickly get back on your feet and decide to head out. You can feel your body growing heavier to the point of feeling uncomfortable. You then feel yourself start to feel lighter again. It was all very odd, but you were able to make your way back to your house. You feel a small pain in your head and suddenly your senses return to normal. You slowly wake up and find that youve woken up in a strange place with no idea of how you got there, or what you did while you were here. You cant remember what happened in your own mind, and your body cant tell you where you are. You feel incredibly weak and you have a hard time standing up. Eventually you can stand up and see your surroundings. You sit down on the sofa and continue to fall and float. You find yourself in the living room and youve landed in front of the TV.

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