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THE MUSIC OF THE WORLD – Vacationing in Bermuda Hills Vicinity. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaThe American Slave Trade, or the Slave Trade also known as the Barbary Coast Slave Trade, the Slavery Trade or the Barbary Coast Slave Trade Act is a series of events in the early years of the 17th century by European powers to capture runaway slaves from several North African countries and transport them to North American and European shores. This was the first time the worlds largest slave trade was organized. 123African slaves became one of the dominant commodities in the slave trade. 123 Between the 1660s and 1760s, over 120,000 slaves were taken across the Atlantic Ocean;4 around 30,000 slaves of African descent were brought to the New World, and around 50,000 slaves were taken across the ocean to the Caribbean. 12European powers began attempting to capture runaway slaves.

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