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You take over the gameThe first thing you think: My brain is in the hands of your computer, not with me. If you can break that cycle of denial and accept theres a reality out there other than the one that youve constructed with your thoughts, then you can begin to make sense of the strange situation youre now in. You have enough information that you can see how you ended up in this situation, and the only thing standing between you and freedom is your willful denial of the truth. Im going to start thinking like a normal person. You make a mental note to start doing something creative when you get out of this place. Lets see if they can do anything with the information we have. After wandering around the place a bit, you start calling up objects. Some you can recognize, but of course those cant be the real objects. You have to keep reminding yourself that the brainiacs arent omniscient. Youve only managed to get half of what they have, so calling up a dog isnt going to do you any good. If you were a higher intelligence, youd already have the answer and be doing something productive, but as it stands, you can only trust one thing: Your own mind. They know about the brain and have already figured out Im up to no good. Suddenly youre getting the same sort of feeling you had before the brainiacs took control of your mind. Something looks like its trying to tell you something, but you cant make out what it is. I dont think anyones around, but can you maybe. Youre almost embarrassed to admit it, but the question was true. Its actually pretty crazy how you think with your brain, but thats probably because its evolved to do so. I dont think so, but thats what my instincts tell me. You go for the shotgunIts not enough that they know about the shotgun. Now they know that you think about it too. You feel as if someone is going through your head and telling you what to.

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