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Personality typePersonality Dictionary and Classification by Robert Swink. You think you need some of that extra structure. Youre thinking a lot about these personalities, especially since it seems like its been months since youve talked to anyone else about them. In a fit of nostalgia and wanderlust, you decide to visit the places you went to when you were little. First, you head to your childhood room, which is just as messy as ever, and has a few old notes on the walls, you figure you could use your laptop to clean things up. It has enough space for you to comfortably plug in your old laptop. Once you are done, you try your dads old office. Its been left in disrepair, probably for years now so you arent sure if its even actually functional. You open the door to find that the floor is missing several layers of it, the desk is falling apart, the chair is broken and you even feel a little like youre being watched as you open one of the drawers and find old video games left on a shelf. You are in a nostalgic place, but you arent feeling very happy right now. Then, you finally get to your home. Its not the same, though you arent sure why. It looks the same way it did when you were little, but there is a distinct feeling that something is different. You take a deep breath and head into the kitchen to take a brief look at the cupboards. They certainly dont look as bare as they did. You cant help but feel like there is a missing something. A few hours later, you return to your home, taking your laptop out of the spare room and plugging it in. Its now almost time for you to go to sleep. However, you notice one thing in the kitchen. You turn to the side and see a box sitting on the table. It doesnt have the light of day though, so you cant tell what it is. However, you can feel an overwhelming sense of dread. You immediately go behind the cabinets and take a peek inside the box. It appears to be a metal tin can covered with various stickers. It seems to be a pretty common item that you could find in almost any home. You pick up the can and look inside.

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