Ever meet a person who somehow fit their name, like a …

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Ll only take moments to find someone named. The firstand the thirdand the fourthand the fifthand the sixthand the seventhand the eighthand the ninthand the tenthand the eleventhand the twelfthand the thirteenthand the fourteenthand the fifteenthand the sixteenthand the seventeenthand the eighteenthand the nineteenthand the twentiethand the twenty-firstand the twenty-secondand the twenty-thirdand the twenty-fourthand the twenty-fifthand the twenty-sixthand the twenty-seventhand the thirtiethand the forty-firstand the forty-secondand the forty-thirdand the forty-fourthand the forty-fifthand the forty-sixthand the forty-seventhand the sixtiethand the seventiethand the eightiethand the ninetiethAnd so on and so on. T like being the only one trying to stay true to who you really are. All of the sudden, you find yourself questioning a lot of things. After one of those annoying fad names. You say, when you hear the name a pregnant pause in the conversation followed.

Post about Celebrities named dick

celebrities named dick