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Free View in iTunes8 Explicit 012: How to be a White Girl as an Asian Girl – Jessica Lee This episode, we talk about the idea of being a white girl as an Asian girl. How do you feel about being labelled as a white girl. Should you define your identity according to your heritage or should you explore the different aspects of your identity. What does it mean to be a white girl in Asian-American communities. And what does it mean to be a white girl across the board. We chat with Jessica Lee, a writer, speaker, and activist from Los Angeles, California. She is a contributor to Black Girl Dangerous and the co-organizer of LA-based BlackGirlDangerous. Free View in iTunes9 Explicit 011: How to be an Asian American Ally, Part 2, Ravi Srinivasan This episode, we talk about how to be an Asian American ally, i. Not be a racist, and how to connect with others in your life that are doing the same. Or maybe youre just in another relationship We discuss how to talk to yourself at the start of the ally journey and how talking to others can get you started – even as youre starting your journey. Ravi is a multi-award winning filmmaker that specializes in digital storytelling. He was a co-producer for Spike Lees Chi-Raq and directed and recorded the documentary Invisible Children. Ravi is the recipient of two national Emmys, a National Society of Film Critics Award, and a National Board of Review nomination in the feature documentary category. Ravi has also received two Outstanding Directorial Achievement Awards from the New York Film Critics Circle and has been nominated for an Emmy Award. He is currently in production on The Next Generation: The Next Five Generations and is currently directing and producing the feature documentary film Black in the City. He is the producer of the documentary film Inconceivable, 2017, and the co-writer of the feature documentary film Fahrenheit 119, 2017 Fahrenheit 119 was recently released and is currently in post-production, and is scheduled to be released by IFC Films next year. Ravi is currently in production for the television series American Vandal which premieres in February 2018. Free View in iTunes10 Explicit 010: How to be an Asian American Ally, Part 1, Ravi Srinivasan This episode, we talk about how to be an Asian American ally, i.

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