ESTJs might not seem natural actors, but their organization and decisiveness can …

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C is a political organization made up of the masses; they do NOT want to be exploited by any group and will continue to do whatever it takes to protect their rights, but they need a leader to guide them and to be like a leader. They may not like you as a leader, but theyll at least listen to you. You have the leadership skills and the organization to be their new leader. Would very much like you to lead them. Sympathizers are political activists who have been trying to force the E. To be independent from them, and would much prefer you to lead them instead. Leaders will most likely kill you, but as far as theyre concerned, YOU are the leader of the E. Youll have to convince them that you are the leader, however. You need to go down and check out what the problem is immediately so you can get a fix on it, but you need to be sure about the best way to approach the problem. You arent sure you can use the elevator, as you were told you need to go to the basement if youre serious about your work. There are some problems with this plan however, first off you need to be sure you can actually reach the basement without damaging yourself, in fact youre not even sure you can get to the basement without getting hit by a car. Thats another problem since there arent many cars around the downtown area. You use the ladderYou cant really go down without getting into trouble at most, but youre sure as hell not going down the ladder at the moment. Youd have to climb up and risk tripping and getting the attention of the guard, and then the problem of climbing down would be really dangerous since the ladder is not only very high, but there are no handholds for your weight in the area that are sturdy enough for your size. You decide you might as well use the elevator. You use the elevatorYou jump up from the first floor right as the elevator opens up and heads down. The elevator is at least a little more than just a regular old elevator, with several large steel tubes running from the floor above all the way through the floor to the bottom.

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