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Is an organizational theory of personality that was developed by Elaine Briggs Myers and her husband, Harry, in the 1930s. Miller wrote a popularization of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. The MBTI is a test that purports to be a universal measure of personality type, and it contains 18 personality types. It is also often used in legal matters and in job applications, particularly in sales and marketing. 20 LISTSMyers-Briggs Personality TypesThe Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator is a widely used personality test to determine personality type from the chart of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator or MBTI. It is sometimes referred to as the type indicator or myers-briggs test. It comes in two formats: a single-item version and a multiple-choice version. The single-item version is recommended for those with no preference for any of the 17 types. The multiple-choice version is generally recommended for those planning to take the MBTI when they are older than 25 years old. The test is available in a PDF format, as well as the print publication Psychometric Functions, by Robert R. The original source for the Myers-Briggs types is The Structure And Dynamics Of Personality, by Robert A. Inc 1973 This source also includes some information on Jungs typology. 21 The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: Type-O or Myers-Briggs is a term coined by Arthur E. Jensen, who is an expert on personality in the fields of law, psychology and intelligence. The term was chosen due to its resemblance to the initials of the person who invented the MBTI testing system: E. Briggs, the Father of Psychological Type, according to his daughter, was a professor at the University of Chicago and a psychologist who first published a typology of personality in 1935. The Myers-Briggs theory of personality has become the most popular of all personality types in recent years, and has been used in a variety of ways. Most notably, the Myers-Briggs theory has been used as a way to determine what type of a person is in a given situation. For example, a police officer may use the Myers-Briggs system to decide which of the many suspects to give a higher priority. The term type refers to a group with certain common traits in regard to each of the four quadrants of the chart. In this sense, the four types are called the Four Elements of the personality: intuition, sensing.

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