Erykah Badu Just Shared Her Confusing COVID-19 Results

As 2020 comes to a close, COVID-19 cases across the country are rising at alarming rates. Singer Erykah Badu was left with nothing but questions after getting some very confusing COVID-19 results while working on set for an upcoming project.

Badu hopped on Twitter and shared a screenshot of the results, which revealed she had tested positive in one nostril and negative in another. She says both nostrils were swabbed at the same time and tested on the same machine, which makes the results all the more unclear.

“Maybe they need to call Swizz Beatz so they can do a versus between them,” the singer joked. “Funny thing is, Dr. ONLY reported the positive result. What the fack is goin on here?”

Well wishes poured in from concerned followers wishing Badu a speedy recovery. In her responses, Badu confirmed that she “feels fine” and “is not sick.” When asked by one of her followers what call the doctors make in cases like hers, she responded, “they make you take a tie breaker.”

Rapid COVID-19 tests (or antigen tests) have become increasingly popular, especially for use on movie and music video sets to ensure the safety of people who are in close quarters. But according to Science Magazine, they tend to have a high false negative rate (meaning a person who is infected could receive a negative result.) PCR tests are reportedly more accurate in detecting COVID-19 infections, but can take up to a week to produce results. Neither test has been proven to be 100% effective.

Social distancing, wearing masks, and keeping clean hands continue to be championed by the CDC as the best ways to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

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