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The disco and rockumentaries thatdisco shows you will love. You open the door and see a huge wall of robots in a semicircle around some large computer set up in the center of the room. These robots are armed with a lot of various types of weapons and some are in the process of welding on a wall that has a large poster that displays a large number of human skulls. You press your back to one of the robots and open up your bodyIm sorry, you thank the robots as they lift you up from the floor and into one the awaiting robots. You ask about the robotsThe robots tell you that they were originally made to kill humans and they are used in order to keep control of all the technology in the factory and to stop any kind of riots that might occur. They also tell you that they were made to be controlled by a computer like this one and to keep monitoring their behaviors from a control room that they built in a high place where they are able to observe everything. You continueThe robots dont like the fact that you have spoken freely to each other with the robots in the room. They tell you that they can take care of you if you dont want to live. You ask what will happen to the humans that they killed in the factory. They say that they have some spare robots with them that they can take back to the factory and use them for replacements. You accept their offerThis is your last day at this factory, you are given little to live for. However, you are given a chance for a new life. You ask the bots to help you get a better job and they help you in the best way they can. You make sure that you dont die in the best way possible. You continueYour new job is to drive a big metal car around the factory, making it nice and quiet. You take a deep breath and think of how happy you will be after you die. Your friends were right, you were meant to die alone. You wonder what your family and friends are doing, maybe they too will die to make you happy. After driving around the factory for a while, you stop the car. The employees start to look at you, some are happy, some are angry, some are in disbelief, but eventually they stop you. They tell you that you have to show them that you are a good worker. In the middle of the assembly line stands a young boy with a broken foot that has been in a cast for three weeks. Every day he has to bend down, walk up, and stand up again. But the pain does only come at night and the boy has no way.

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