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Was Andrew standing there holding two guns to the front of his head. In a moment he went from being a normal happy emo celebrity to the same emo celebrity that had been in the newspaper the night before, standing there with a gun pointed at his head. The school nurse was also there, because despite your earlier statement that the school nurse wasnt allowed near Andrews body, the last thing you needed was for her to go to the police to complain about a murder. Oh, good morning to you too, Mrs. Just as Andrew was firing the guns at his head, your teacher fell off the front of the car. You took aim and fired, but Andrew had already retreated to the woods before you could get a full shot. The shotgun was a little heavy on the trigger, especially for someone of his size, so while he was on the ground, the shotgun barrel was still raised. You missed Andrew completely, but you managed to hit the girl who was with him. It didnt even hurt as much as you thought it would. You couldnt believe how Andrew had come back to life. You were a little too slow on the uptake with your thoughts, and instead of Andrew, it was now a giant woman with a bat standing tall over you. You managed to duck behind the car, get your pistol, and fire at the bat-wielding woman. The bullet passed through her and hit your own body. Your left hand, which was holding your pistol, was crushed, but it didnt matter. Your body, though still intact, had been permanently corrupted, and it was finally over. Andrew was no longer the man that you had a crush on a few years before. He was just a broken man, a shell, and you were the only reason why he was still here. I thought you could do anything right. You must have been a very happy girl indeed. The disembodied voice in your head exclaimed in a bored tone.

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