Emma Roberts was charged with domestic abuse and assault …

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The fact that these same celebrities cant actually take the time to recognize that sometimes, in order to protect themselves and others, they even need to use deadly physical force is what makes you want to puke. The fact that these same celebrities cant even be bothered to stay away from their own children is even more concerning. The fact that these same celebrities cant even be bothered to have a basic understanding of the effects their actions have on other human beings is horrifying. They have no right to treat the rest of us like this, were just a convenient scapegoat to use to distract from their own personal problems. They dont respect us, and they dont care. How dare they ruin some kids life. How dare they treat us like less than human. Were not going to let the bastards get away with this. Were not going to stay in the past, or the present, or even the future. Were not going to let them have the last word. Were going to put an end to abuse, and the last and only true bastion of it, that bastion that would oppress us all, that bastion is the entertainment industry. You are the leader that will lead us all, and you, sir or madam, are the final bastion of a broken culture. YOU need to be put out of your misery. You say something quietly in response to a group of teenagers beating up someone. They ignore you, and you dont need to. You make several videos in various places in your town with a message of peace and hope of a revolution. After a while, you realize that its not going to work, but its worth a try. You are no longer in control of your actions. The only thing keeping you from getting killed by the police is your cell-phone that you have in your hand. You play your own song We Will Overcome and send a similar message using a special encrypted system.

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