Eating disorders are known to be more common in people whose occupations …

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Eating disorders are known to be more common in people whose occupations involve significant focus on appearance, like athletes or celebrities. I think you might also have an Eating Disorder, and that maybe youre too afraid of dying to go on living in the real world. Youre probably afraid of something more mundane like getting married or getting married into a family that could change you in some way. And if youre actually a professional athlete, maybe youre afraid of losing yourself to the stress of the game. The thing about you is, youre pretty damn much perfect in every way. You do exactly what youre supposed to do at exactly the right time. You dont cry when your family or friends die, and you do not show emotion even in the face of your own death. As you try to figure out a way to make sure you have some semblance of a normal life, you finally realize the problem you have here. If you truly believed that it was all going to end that day with your eyes, you wouldnt be writing this. Youd be packing up all your meager possessions and getting the hell out of there and never coming back. That sounds pretty damn stupid as an answer to a problem you have. Youre also an optimist because you dont know what the hell you should do about it. A pessimist might be able to come up with something better than you, but that doesnt really seem like you. Its a pretty good sign though that youre still positive about something even though youre in the middle of a crisis. No amount of rational thought is going to change your mind, so youll have to change your position. Youd better come up with something, because you need to come up with something right now. You stand at the door holding your phone out for her to call her. You take a deep breath and slam your front door shut with all your might. Your whole body quivers as you take a deep breath. You reach for your phone to make a call, but as you do you realize that its the wrong thing to do and you dont call her. Instead, you take a deep breath as you push through the door to your backyard. You pull out your shotgun and aim it at the tree where the black figure was.

Post about Bulimia celebrities

bulimia celebrities