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The Top 25 dead celebs of the world as, estimated, income according to forbes. END You have to admit, you cant see yourself ever working in a place where the work force is composed largely of dead people. Youre actually ashamed that you even asked that question. You were probably just too embarrassed to be in your own class for that question. You stop being an embarrassment and do your jobYou are a disgrace to your class for asking such a question. At best youll be fired immediately, and its probably best if you are, so if you had just been asked if you have a boyfriend to which you said no but were still a virgin, you might be out on your ass within an hour. You pull up to the office as fast and as quietly as possible. You need to be the first one in the door before Mr. When you arrive, the door opens with an audible click and Mr. Good morning, he says, with a faint Texas accent. He is wearing a business suit and a tie with a gold badge around his neck, and a smile is plastered on his face. He is only about five feet eight inches tall and weighs about 140 pounds, but he has a well-trimmed beard and hair that makes him look like he just came off a fishing trip. He quickly walks to the front of his desk and starts flipping through the paper. Forbes, if I may have questions, Im a recently hired employee and have been assigned by my superior to observe you in your office you say. Ah, that, my young padawan, would be of great use to me. I was wondering if you know where the dead celebrities are located on this planet. Oh, Im sure you know where the stars are now. Well, I suppose it might be hard to name the celebrities without their names, but yes, I can help you. Its been updated in recent years, but it contains all the information I have on most of the celebrities. It was originally maintained by me, my colleague Mr. Jack and we just added names from other sources as we found them to add to the database. Its very old and very big, but we keep it up to date at all times. The database is also available on the main office computer and we can look up information for you directly. Just ask for the database, Im the last person youd want to bother.

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