Eamonn Holmes bizarrely questions why Queens coffin lowering wasnt shown in full

Broadcaster Eamonn Holmes has bizzarely questioned why the lowering of Queen Elizabeth II's coffin at St. George's Chapel yesterday "wasn't shown in full".

Her Majesty's coffin was seen for the final time in an extremely poignant and significant moment as it was lowered into the royal vault, during a service of committal at the chapel in Windsor, after her instruments of rule were placed on the alter.

GB News presenter Eamonn, 62, confessed he felt "cheated" by not seeing the moment the coffin was fully obscured as it went past floor level, when the cameras cut to the Piper's Lament.

Eamonn and his co-host Isabel Webster had invited royal correspondent, Nicholas Owens on the show, and it was during a chat with him that Eamonn made the comments.

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As Isobel introduced Nicholas, she said: "A lot to reflect on really, but yesterday, the pinnacle of it all and a farewell to do her [Queen Elizabeth II] proud."

"Oh yes, absolutely," Nicholas replied as he went on to explain why he was still wearing a black tie now that the public's mourning period is technically over following the Queen's funeral on Monday.

"I've still got the black tie on," he pointed out as Eamonn clarified: "But you don't have to anymore."

"I don't have to, but I just feel I don't want to let it go just yet," Nicholas explained, before saying: "I'd begun to think I may not live long enough to see King Charles III."

He continued: "So for me, this is a period I just don't want to quite let go of."

"Yes, fair enough, fair enough," Eamonn responded. "Talking about letting it go, was it just me?

"There was that beautiful moment in St George's Chapel, when the coffin was descending into the ground and everybody was watching like, 'Gosh, what happens next?'

"And it goes down, down, down and then we cut to the piper, and when we come back to the chapel, the coffin was gone. I felt a bit cheated by that."

Nicholas recalled that the same sort of thing had happened at the Queen's husband Prince Philip at his funeral last year, where viewers saw it start to be lowered, then cameras flashed to the Queen and then the coffin was out of sight.

He said: "Well, here's the thing," Nicholas responded. "At the Duke of Edinburgh's funeral, I think the instruction must have gone out that we saw the coffin, then there was pictures – awful pictures we all remember of Her Majesty The Queen on her own with a mask and nobody with her, that was so, so heartbreaking, wasn't it?

"When we next saw the chapel, the coffin had gone. And I thought, 'What? What happened to that? Where did it go?'

"This time we got not long – they didn't linger on it very long, but just enough to see it descend.

"And as you say, that's the moment when it really is, 'Goodbye, ma'am.'"

Eamonn pressed him, saying: "But why would they not have continued with that?"

"Whatever happens, a hole in the ground and then it's covered up, or whatever.

"Is that considered bad taste? Is that considered a lack of privacy for a very public person?"

"I guess it's a bit of that," Nicholas assumed, recalling again the filming of the Duke of Edinburgh's funeral when we saw the Queen briefly but there was no lingering on her, as a mark of respect.


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