Duchess Kate wore Roksanda for their keen, disastrous arrival in Jamaica

Here are some photos of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s arrival in Jamaica on Day 4 of their Keen Caribbean Tour. As you can see, I didn’t even bother downloading any photos of Prince William. One, who cares. Two, I’m actually really grossed out by his pants situation these days, so much so that I can’t un-see his awkward moose knuckle bunching.

Anyway, most people only care about what Kate is wearing, so let’s discuss. The yellow dress is a custom look from Roksanda, based off a £1,095 dress which is somewhat similar. I can only imagine how much the custom design cost, probably in excess of £2,000. All so Kate could properly cosplay the Jamaican flag, which is black, green and yellow/gold. That being said, it’s a lovely dress. It’s not worth $1500-2200, but it’s pretty and I’ve always hated how good Kate looks in yellow. She paired the dress with Aquazzura heels. For the first time of the Caribbean tour, she wore a ponytail. I bet she was mad that there was so much wind – the dress probably looked a lot better (and properly “swishy”) in calmer weather.

Speaking of bad omens, hours before their arrival, British papers were full of headlines like “Kate and William’s Jamaica tour ‘a complete waste of time’ as Queen faces dethroning.” Perfect, no notes.

The Cambridges’ visit comes at a time of high unrest in Jamaica, where politicians and locals have been clamouring for the removal of Her Majesty as their Head of State. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been warned attempts to charm the nation are a “waste of time” as it is unlikely the pair will change locals’ minds.

Good Morning Britain correspondent Noel Phillips said: “William and Kate will be arriving at the airport about 10 miles from here. They will be greeted by the Prime Minister and no doubt be given a warm welcome. But I’ve been speaking to a source within the Prime Minister’s Government who has told me that as soon as they leave, Jamaica will begin the process of removing the Queen as Head of State.”

He continued: “I’m trying to make sense myself as to why they are hosting William and Kate knowing very well they are going to remove the Queen as Head of State. And that this diplomatic charm mission appears to be a complete waste of time.”

[From The Daily Express]

Other outlets were running similar stories, seemingly based off “sources” within the Jamaican government. As I’ve said before, if you spun me a good conspiracy about Prince Charles masterminding this, I would believe you. Charles could perhaps already see the writing on the wall when it came to Caribbean Commonwealth countries and he knew that they would be lost soon after QEII died, and that’s why he sent Moose Knuckle and Buttons on this mission, to hang it around their necks and blame them for “losing” Jamaica, Belize and hell, maybe The Bahamas too. He didn’t even have to give them any special instructions other then “go out there and be yourselves.” LMAO.


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