Duchess Kate will carry out a solo overseas trip to Copenhagen this month

Well, this is certainly interesting. The Duchess of Cambridge is now scheduled to take her first solo international tour. The announcement came today, about 24 hours after Kate did an event with Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall. My feeling is that Charles and Camilla have flatly told Kate that she needs to do more and be seen a lot more, especially given the Sussexit and Prince Andrew’s mess. It’s curious that William has not received a similar message, or maybe he has and he’s just ignoring his father. It seems like it, right? Anyway, Kate will spend two days in Copenhagen. She’ll do at least one event with Princess Mary, who is someone Kate also enjoys copykeening.

The Duchess of Cambridge is set to carry out an exciting overseas trip where she will celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Kensington Palace revealed that Kate will be flying solo when she travels to Danish capital Copenhagen for a two-day visit on February 22 and 23 without husband Prince William.

During the trip she will pay tribute to the historic ties between Britain and Denmark and be received by the country’s Queen Margrethe II, who is also celebrating her Golden Jubilee this year. In addition, Kate will also join Crown Princess Mary of Denmark to visit a project which works to protect vulnerable women and children from domestic violence and use the trip as a fact-finding mission for her Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood.

It is the first time that Kate will bring the centre’s work on to the international stage and on the trip and she hopes to learn from Denmark’s example as a country widely recognised as a world leader in its approach and investment in early childhood development.

Kensington Palace says: “During her visit, Her Royal Highness will spend time learning about how Denmark has created an enabling culture for early childhood development, specifically how it has promoted infant mental wellbeing alongside physical health, and how it harnesses the power of nature, relationships and playful learning in the first five years of life. Her programme will focus on innovative initiatives and projects which support children in their growth, particularly their social and emotional development, as well as their parents and wider communities surrounding them.”

In a personal tweet, the duchess said: “Looking forward to learning from experts, parents & practitioners about Denmark’s approach to early childhood later this month. Denmark is a beacon of best practice in its approach to the early years, with a culture which prioritises the best start in life.”

She ended the message with the Danish words “Pa snarligt gensyn”, which translate as “See you soon”, and the letter “C” to denote a personal tweet.

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Reader, I laughed out loud at “Kate will… use the trip as a fact-finding mission for her Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood.” A fact-finding mission!!! OH MY GOD. She’s really going to Copenhagen to gather “facts” about early-childhood development. Facts like “kids benefit from wealthy parents” and “if you don’t get it right by age five, your entire life will be sh-t.” That’s seriously the kind of “findings” Kate enjoys. Anyway, I absolutely believe that Kate is being sent on a solo trip for several different reasons, all of which are pretty gossip-worthy. One, she and William don’t want to travel together anymore. Two, she’s likely being punished for all of her asinine birthday keenery. Three, the Windsors must trust William even less than they trust Kate. Also: This trip should be so much fun to cover. Buttons, pussybows, flag-cosplaying, jazz hands, gawping… it will be pretty special.

This video is… childish.

På snarligt gensyn. C pic.twitter.com/4rwZjA61mj

— The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (@KensingtonRoyal) February 4, 2022

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