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Drug overdoses may result from a combination of these and other incidents. Leahs death came, she d never done drugs. This is a list of musicians who died of alcohol overdose along with their age at death and the year of death. Death Date Age YearAlicia BeshAlicia Besh, the last star of the 1930s, died in her sleep at the young age of 27 of an alcoholic seizure. Alicia was a leading and popular dancer and was known to have many lovers. Alicia Besh was found dead in her bed shortly after midnight. Her autopsy revealed that she had died of a mixed blood alcohol level and cocaine abuse. The coroner stated she died of a sudden and unexpected cardiac arrhythmia. At the time of her death, Alicia was only 23 years of age but had been one of the most prominent stars of the 1930s. Most of the stars of the 1930s were very popular during their prime and there were many rumors about who the love of Alicia Beshs life was. In reality, no one had ever come forward to officially reveal that he or she was Alicias husband, however numerous claims have surfaced over the years that the relationship with the star was romantic. In addition, shed become a mother of a son at the time of her death. She was also said to be close to several of her friends, none of whom had any clue of her death and many of whom would also die in an alcohol overdose shortly after. ComLester YoungLester Young, another star of the 1930s died unexpectedly at the age of 43. Lester was best known as one of the stars of the classic music TV show I Love Lucy with his co-star Lucille Ball. Lester Young was also a prominent actor in movies such as The Blue Max and The Red Badge of Courage. He died from a heart attack caused by over drinking. Lester Young, who was well known for his drinking, died at the age of 43 after he suffered a heart attack. Young suffered from heart palpitations since childhood and his death was caused by a sudden and unexpected heart attack. S health began to deteriorate, a fact he blamed on the fact his musical career.

Information about Celebrities who died of overdose

celebrities who died of overdose