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He was so funny and so nice, and then he died of a drug overdose. I love him like a son and a brother and I want to go home. Cruz, who is an active social media user, did not elaborate further on the matter in her video with her boyfriend, but continued to grieve after her boyfriends death. Read more Show lessThe last few years have been fairly uneventful for the ECS. Most of the other big corporations have either folded or moved from the area. You, on the other hand, have been branching out to the nearby towns and even to other countries. However, things are very different now that war has returned. The entire area is in an uproar over the reports of the various warlords rampaging through the countryside. Several towns have already been in a state of emergency for a few days now. The militia patrols have been completely overwhelmed and undermanned. Rumors are already being spread of possible traitorous ECS warlords who are wreaking havoc throughout the area and who might very well bring the entire area down upon itself. The time has come for you to leave the area and to a more peaceful destination. Zalan territory has been relatively peaceful for some time now, so ECS-Zee is the best choice at this point. Zalan territory, on the other hand, has been a lot more chaotic lately. The Grand Alliance is attempting to retake it from the evil shadows without much success. Ve been trying to move troops and resources to other areas. As a result, Zalan territory has been seeing a lot more fighting than usual. While your village was not directly attacked, its inhabitants were certainly threatened. You can certainly understand their anger. You shake your head at the village headman.

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