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A topic that has long been a focus for many people suffering from addiction and the staff at any kind of treatment center that deals with these issues. So much so many are likely to have a very different opinion of their own experience in the industry than are portrayed in the book. And while the author does have a few points in the book to make a few general statements about the industry, its actually not as bad as one might think. For one thing, there are not a large number of stories where someone on the inside of the industry is trying to describe how awful it is and how difficult it is to live with addiction in the entertainment industry. Most of the stories focus on how its also a pretty lucrative industry that provides some money for those living with addiction. The industry is also a profession and thus its not like its something that just happens to addicts. For most of the writers, the industry is simply something theyve worked at in the past and continue to do in their current occupation as well. The writers tend to be in their early twenties to late thirties. One writer talks about working on TV series as a story editor, another on film, and a few talk about their current jobs in film as a writer or director. Their stories are generally of a negative sort but all of them do mention that theyve had positive experiences with their current jobs and that the industry as a whole is a good place to work. This story isnt a true, behind the scenes look at whats really going on in the entertainment industry, its more of a collection of peoples personal experiences with their current jobs. The biggest problem there is that while the stories come from people who seem to have positive experiences on the job, theyre presented without any analysis and instead merely presented as a honest account of how they see their jobs. Its hard to tell how many there are by even counting how many people were interviewed, there are so many, the interviews werent even done at the same time its almost impossible to tell how accurate they are, and you cant really tell if this is representative of the whole industry. All you know is that the stories are told poorly and theres no good information in them as far as how things truly are and how theyre actually run. So it seems that in his attempt to create a sympathetic portrait of the entertainment industry, this writer actually does a lot of the opposite and paints a pretty negative picture of the industry and how it really works. The Drug and Alcohol Treatment IndustryThe drug and alcohol treatment industry is the next industry in this book.

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drug addiction celebrities